7 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Vehicle with us in Bristol Today

You love your motor we know that and the thought of sending it to the scrap heap may make you recoil in horror. But, if it’s coming to the end of its life, or if you’re spending more money on it than it’s worth, then now is a good time to think about letting it go. And if you’re living in Bristol, it’s never been easier. Still not convinced? Well, read on as we think you might just be persuaded!

  1. Your vehicle has become a drain on your finances. 

Oh no, your vehicle has broken down again! I bet you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost you this time around.

If this situation has become a common occurrence for you and you’re watching your savings pot rapidly deplete, then as much as it might pain you to do so, it’s worth getting in touch with us in Bristol to see how much your scrap car or van is worth.  We’ll give you an instant quote over the phone that’s valid for up to 7 days.

  1. You’ve been involved in an accident and your vehicle has been written off.

You were driving sensibly down the road when someone crashed into you and now your insurers have deemed your car beyond economical repair, which in other words means it a write-off!

This might be upsetting for you, but surely you don’t want to spend a fortune getting it fixed when you can contact us and find out how much it’s worth to get it scrapped?

  1. It’s failed its MOT and it’s going to cost more to repair than it’s worth.

Oh great! You’ve just had the dreaded phone call from your local garage to say your car has failed its MOT…again.

If your car is old and the cost of the repairs to get it back on the road is making you feel dizzy, then selling your failed vehicle to us, your local and professional scrap vehicle centre in Bristol is definitely worth a look.

  1. Selling your car takes time and effort! 

To get the best price for your vehicle when selling it privately takes time and can be costly. First, you’ll have to advertise the sale and decide where and how you want to do this. You’ll have to take phone calls/answer messages from interested buyers and show them your vehicle. And, be prepared for timewasters! You also need to consider how you’d accept payment, so as not to be put in danger or fall prey to a scam.

If you don’t think you’ll make a lot of money from the sale of your motor, then doesn’t all this seem like a lot of effort? Especially when you can call us today and we’ll give you a fantastic price to scrap your car in Bristol.

  1. Scrapping your car or van with us in Bristol is easy peasy.

If you’re living in Bristol or the surrounding area and want to scrap your vehicle the easy way, choose us! Simply contact us with details of your vehicle (it doesn’t matter how old it is, what size it is, what make it is, or what condition it’s in) we’ll send you an unbeatable quote and arrange free collection of your vehicle anywhere in Bristol or the surrounding area.

GMP Recovery South West has been in the business of legally and responsibly scrapping all types of vehicles in Bristol since 1985, so you can be assured that you’re in good hands with us.

  1. We’ll pay you good money.

You might think that your motor is a pile of old junk worth nothing. But think again because we’ll pay good money for your scrap vehicle – no matter what condition it’s in. At GMP Motors South West we’re passionate about providing our customers with our Best Price Guarantee. You won’t have to hang around for your money either – we’ll pay you the price we quoted upon collection of your vehicle.

  1. There’s no paperwork to sort out. 

If sorting out paperwork isn’t your thing, then don’t worry as we’ll sort that out for you. Once we’ve scrapped your vehicle, we’ll contact the DVLA to notify them, and they’ll send you a Certificate of Destruction which is your proof that you’re no longer the owner of the vehicle. The only ‘paperwork’ we need from you is the vehicle logbook (V5).

Don’t fall foul to cowboys – First-Class Vehicle Scrapping Service in Bristol 

Are you living in Bristol and want to scrap your vehicle?

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